Journal topics and policies

The journal was founded in 2019 with the scientific partnership of two universities: Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University named after K. D. Ushinsky and Southwest University, China. Categories of the journal: “Political Science,” “Philology,” “Culturology.”

The section “Political Science” presents articles corresponding to the scientific specialties of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation 5.5.2. “Political Institutions, Processes, Technologies” (Political Sciences), 5.5.3. Public Administration and Industry Policies (Political, Economic Sciences), 5.5.4. International Relations (Political Sciences); column “Philology” is intended for publication of materials on scientific specialties 5.9.1. Russian literature and literature of the peoples of the Russian Federation (Philological Sciences), 5.9.2. “Literature of the Peoples of the World” (Philological Sciences), 5.9.8. Theoretical, applied and comparative linguistics (Philological sciences); section “Culturology” − 5.10.1. “Theory and History of Culture, Art” (Culturology).

The priority of the journal is problematics related to various processes taking place in the fields of culture, politics both in Russia and abroad. The materials submitted to the journal are reviewed by members of the editorial board, which included doctors of political, economic, historical, philosophical, philological sciences, of art history known for their publications on the declared topic.